Your Word is a lamp
for my feet
and a light on my path
(Ps. 119:105)

Now is the time of times to read and study Revelation using Dr. Constable's Notes on Revelation!  Learn "what will happen soon" in God's prophetic plan, and receive God's promised "blessing" for those who read and study this neglected prophecy, the last book of the Bible.
Learn about Jesus' comforting promise:
"I am coming soon!"


The sound [of their message] has gone out to all the earth
(Rom. 10:18)

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Welcome to Sonic Light! We hope that the Bible studies and Notes on this website will encourage, instruct, and strengthen believers in Christ in their faith, as they grow in their knowledge of Him through God's Word.
  If you are not sure of your eternal destiny and you want to learn more about becoming a Christian, click on "Good News" (above) and read how to discover certain assurance of eternal life by trusting in Christ.
  Extensive expository Bible study notes by Dr. Thomas L. Constable (approx. 8,900 pp.), or short survey analyses by James Van Dine, can be viewed, printed, and downloaded.
Listen to full-length samples of audio recordings of Bible study lessons by 3 different teachers here. The audio Study CDs each have one or more series of digitally mastered recordings, and they can be ordered at "How to Order". Each lesson is an MP3 file and can either be: (1) Listened to on your own computer, or:
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Sonic Light also produces Dr. Constable's Study Notes for PDA devices (see below). Click here to read about Constable's Notes in iSilo.
   To buy Dr. Constable's book on prayer, Talking to God: What the Bible Teaches about Prayer, from Amazon.com, click here. To read or print the online version click here.
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Dr. Constable's Expository Notes in iSilo (.pdb format), as of January 2016, has been discontinued as a Sonic Light product.

For several years, an online .HTML format of the Notes has been available to anyone with internet access. Since this format works on both desktop PCs and handheld devices, there is no longer much demand for the iSilo format. This .HTML format utilizes Reftagger, an online Scripture reference system, and is accessed in the second set of OT/NT table-grids (click "Study Notes" tab above) of the Notes. It is recommended for users of iPad and advanced handheld devices. The .html-formatted files can also be read on older devices like the iPod touch, but with limited functionality.

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